Wrapping Up!

Blue Gators love The Rainbow Fish!
We are so proud of our Little Gate families, faculty and staff for the efforts they have put into making this year special for everyone. If there is one thing we have all gained from this experience, it's resilience and a new appreciation for friendships. While our staff is hard at work making final preparations for the end of the year, our teachers continue to share the importance of friendship and acceptance to their students. The Blue Gators recently fell in love with the book, The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister. To join in on the message within the book, the teachers presented each Blue Gator with a bowl of scales. Each child was able to wear one scale, and then choose a friend to “give a glittering scale to” just as the Rainbow fish does in this sweet tale of friendship.
McGehee's Little Gate
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Little Gate is a co-ed pre-school open to all qualified boys and girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.