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Coloring Up the Dark

Chalk fans!
The Red Gators have lately become big fans of chalk and coloring on the dark chalkboard-like surfaces that can be found in the Red Gator classroom, as well as outdoors on a variety of surfaces. These Gators have loved exploring not only the bright colors that appear on the dark surfaces but also the many aspects of chalk including how the color transfers from the surface to their hands and clothes after they have colored.  Sometimes they look at their hands and will exclaim "Wow!" or "Oh no!" when they see color everywhere!  Chalk itself offers endless opportunities for creative mark-making in its ability to show up on almost any surface, and of course, most especially, on black ones.  The constantly changing size of the chalk as it wears away from coloring also creates a unique fine motor challenge as our young Gators' hands must continuously adjust and manipulate the object to make the desired contact with a surface.  We can't wait to see how our chalk explorations continue!
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