Ruby Elephants LOVE Music

Dancing Lines: Exploring Musical Mark Making
The Ruby Elephants really LOVE music!!! The class read the books Lines That Wiggle by Candance Whitman and A Line Can Be by Laura Ljungkvist to explore different lines. After reading these stories, the Rubies had some fun with lines of their own! Each student received two ribbons to dance with and make wiggle, so they could experience the different types of lines that appear with music that has a fast tempo versus music with a slower tempo. The Rubies had so much fun dancing with their ‘lines’ and were excited to take their wiggly lines home! 
Next, the class explored making and drawing different lines by connecting art with music. The Rubies were given two pieces of paper--one for slow music and one for fast music. They chose two colors to draw lines with, and then listened to several different songs and drew lines to match the tempo of the music. After drawing their lines, they looked to see if they could tell which lines were drawn to the fast music and which lines were drawn to slow music. They noticed quickly how the fast lines went crazily together, while the slow lines were separate and clearer.
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