Are you happy? Sad? Angry? Excited?
Aqua Elephants studied all of these emotions through art expression. Each child chose an emotion they wanted to portray in a photo and then used their self-portrait skills to draw a replica of their own picture. After they drew their facial expressions, they painted over the image with water color. The colors were specifically chosen to depict their emotion. This resulted in beautiful art and thoughtful conversations about our emotions. Emotional development is just what it reads: the process by which humans begin to acquire an understanding of the wide range of emotions within. As young children grow and gain life experiences, they live through an array of emotions and this year the Aqua Elephants are especially curious about them!
McGehee's Little Gate
1538 Philip Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
Little Gate is a co-ed pre-school open to all qualified boys and girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.