Violet Elephants Begin Collage Work

Little Gaters are already making their marks.
According to the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY), “Mark making is a term used for the creation of different patterns, lines, textures and shapes. This may be on a piece of paper, on the floor, outside in the garden or on an object or surface.It could be a simple dot or a line across a paper, all of this contributes to mark making and fundamentally is the basis of developing the writing skill” (PACEY, 2020). 

Little Gate Violet Elephants have started their mark making journey by painting on the easel with their class color. The completed piece was then used in smaller pieces as an introduction to collage work. It was such a hit that the teachers shared more collage materials, which offered a multitude of opportunities such as cutting, glueing, decision making, and collaboration between classmates.  In addition, many skills were built upon such as fine motor, language development, and creativity.  This is creativity at its best: a Violet Elephant discovers that if you place an animal from the classroom on top of the collage pieces, it will help keep the pieces from curling up!  

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of mark making and how it supports your child’s learning, check out this article from PACEY.
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