Yearlong Work Begins on the Mosaic of Marks Conference

Little Gate is excited to start a year of study on mark making.
Our teachers read Mosaic of Marks, Words, Materials by Reggio Children this summer to prime them for this important work they will be doing all year long in conjunction with their partnership with the Mosaic of Marks conference and exhibit with The Louisiana Children’s Museum in the fall of 2021. “Though drawing and words are autonomous languages, for children words and stories, silent or spoken, almost always go hand in hand or intertwine with the drawing, creating an intelligent and often poetic mosaic. The aim of this investigation was to try to gain a better understanding of this relationship, as much as possible, in order to restore to drawing, to the materials, to words and to the children, the cognitive and expressive richness they generate.” (Reggio Children, p. 15).  Please join us on this journey - through your children - by following along with the stories and documentation that will be shared with you each week.  
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