Make a Gift

Make a Gift

Kate & Etienne Balart

Our daughter, Merrill Lucy, has blossomed during her time at Little Gate on animal adventures from barely walking as a Gator to a curiosity filled Elephant. She has been guided, nurtured and gently challenged by some of the most remarkable Early Childhood educators in the country.

Little Gate Wish List

  • Outdoor wooden ramp, set of 4: $270
  • Cubetto, a coding tool for girls and boys ages 3 and up, set of 5: $1,125
  • Toddler outdoor water table: $1,055
  • Outdoor arbor seating area: $1,425
  • Toddler mud pie kitchen: $1,920
  • Outdoor toddler project and activity seating table: $1,210
  • Outdoor Outlast Blocks, Crates, Wheelbarrow and storage shed: $8,125

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McGehee's Little Gate
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Little Gate is a co-ed pre-school open to all qualified boys and girls regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.