"This will be my third year al Little Gate and my second as a one year old teacher.  I am so excited to watch our class grow and learn throughout the year.  In my spare time, I like to cook and spend more time with my family.  I am looking forward to a great year ahead!"


"I am so excited to be starting my 5th year at Little Gate as a one year old teacher.  I love watching them learn, talk and even sometimes take their first steps.  I have three children: both of my daughters attend McGehee and my son attends Newman.  I love riding bikes, swimming with my children and absolutely love going to the beach.  I am looking forward to watching my little Butterflies grow this year!"



Beautiful Butterflies

Ms. Ashley and Ms. Lauryn

The butterflies had an exciting February.  We enjoyed learning about Mardi Gras and

learning about the colors, purple, green and gold.  The children had the most fun saying "Throw me something mister!"  We worked on a collaborative art project by gluing purple, green and gold tissue paper onto canvases.  Once it was dry, we used spray bottles with Mardi Gras water colors to top it off!  The butterflies loved standing at our easel and squirting the canvases!  We also had tons of fun with cut up Mardi Gras beads in our manipulative table. Thank you so much for coming to our conferences, we always love seeing you and talking about our wonderful butterflies.  We are looking forward to our camping and outdoor exploration during the month of March!  

Our Schedule

7:30 Good Morning and Welcome
8:15 Exploring Outside
9:00 Diapers and Hand Washing
9:15 Yummy Snack
9:30 Art
9:45 Reading and Singing
10:15 Outside Play and Circle Time
11:00 Diapers and Hand Washing
11:30 Lunch Time
12:00 Rest Time
2:30 Diapers and Hand Washing
2:45 Afternoon Snack
3:00 Pick Up/Aftercare
*Tuesday Enrichment with Ms. Vaughn
*Thursday Music with Ms. Lala