Little Gate Faculty

Our teachers are facilitators. They create and enhance environments where children build, collaborate, converse, experiment, and create. Teachers are sensitive to the needs of young children and provide thoughtful supervision and interaction. Professional development plays an important role for our teachers with regularly attended conferences and seminars. Their goal is to help develop the whole child - physically, emotionally and socially.

, Head; University of New Orleans, B.A.
, Assistant Head and Pedagogical Mentor;  University of Mississippi, B.S.

Support Staff

, Administrative Assisstant, Flagler College, B.A.
, Little Gate Admissions; Louisisana State University, BA.
, Lower School Admissions and Reggio Emilia Coordinator; Texas Christian University, B.S.;
University of New Orleans, M.Ed (Curriculum and Instruction)
, One Year Old Pedagogical Mentor, Our Lady of Holy Cross College, B.S. , Little Gate Business Office Associate, Louisiana State University, B.S
, Fun-da-mentals; Clarion University, B.A.
, Art; San Jose State University, B.A.
, Floating Teacher, New Orleans Regional Technical Institute, A.D.
Floating Teacher and Little Gate Ballet
, Snack and Lunch Help, Director of Aftercare
, Floating Teacher, University of Georgia, B.A.

One Year Olds:

 Blue Gators; University of Alabama, B.A.
, Blue Gators; University of Georgia, B.S.
, Orange Gators; Toyama Kokusai University
, Orange Gators; University of Louisiana Lafayette, B.M.
, White Gators; Our Lady of Holy Cross College, 
, White Gators; Portland State University, B.S.
, Green Gators; University of New Orleans B.S.
, Green Gators; Our Lady of Holy Cross College, B.S.
, Yellow Gators; Emory University, B.A.
; Yellow Gators; School of the Art Institute of Chicago, B.S.

Two Year Olds:

Crimson Pelicans, Spelman College, B.A.; Union Theological Seminary, M.A.
; Crimson Pelicans; University of Alabama, B.A.
Plum Pelicans, Loyola University; B.A.; Tulane University, MPH
(Maternal and Child Health)
, Plum Pelicans; Northwestern University, B.S.
, Gold Pelicans; Emory University, B.A.
, Gold Pelicans; School of the Art Institute of Chicago, B.S.
, Periwinkle Pelicans; Louisiana Tech University, B.S.
, Peridot Pelicans; University of Alabama, B.S.
, Peridot Pelican; University of Alabama, B.S.

Three Year Olds:

Emerald Elephants; University of New Orleans, B.A. and M.Ed. (Special Education)
, Emerald Elephants; Louisiana State University, B.S.
, Sunshine Elephants; Tulane University, B.A.; Loyola University, M.S.
, Sunshine Elephants; University of Southern Mississippi, B.S.
, Violet Elephants; Tulane University, B.A.
Violet Elephants; University of Southern Mississippi, B.S.
, Aqua Elephants; University of New Orleans, B.A.
, Aqua Elephants; University of Alabama, B.S.


, Doodlebugs; Delgado University, A.D.
, Doodlebugs; University of New Orleans
, Sweet Peas; St. Mary's Dominican College, B.S.
, Sweet Peas; Florida International University, B.A.

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