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News from Ms. Rita's Art Studio!
Date Posted: March 16, 2012

We've been busy in the Art/Studio this past month, even though there was a long break. The children had many stories to tell about their Mardi Gras experiences, but also seemed eager to get back to some new art projects.

In the 2's classes, we spent several weeks talking about and painting trees. They used sponges, brushes and tempera paint to represent their impressions of trees. We talked about how some leaves looked darker (the ones in the shadows) and some lighter (where the sun shines on them) and used darker and lighter shades of green. We also spent a few weeks working with the "crayon resist" technique, using watercolors and oil pastels on glossy photo paper. The 2's also began using a "lazy susan" at a small round table. There was a wide variety of materials (watercolor pens, markers, pastels, oil pastels, stickers, colored pencils, etc.) for them to select from. They are learning to work with their friends to turn the lazy susan cooperatively and to put their materials back when they are finished with them. They also continued working with collage shapes, glue, scissors and markers.

The 3's classes began the month using another medium to explore "faces". They represented their ideas with recycled materials, glue, and poster board. They transitioned very well to using more open-ended and three dimensional objects to create their faces. During February, we also talked about "playgrounds" and what they thought a playground should be like. They shared their ideas verbally at the beginning of class, and then many drew pictures of what their ideal playground would be like. The following week, we worked with wood scraps, wood glue, and recycled materials. Many again explored their ideas about playgrounds. They were very interested in the construction process and working with three dimensional materials, so I provided them with Styrofoam, glue, and toothpicks to create a group project. This gave them the experience of working cooperatively, rather than always working alone on an individual project. We will repeat using these materials on individual projects as well. The 3's also worked with the crayon resist technique, as well as with collage shapes, markers, colored glue and scissors.

By the way, if you discuss the art projects that come home with your child, ask them how they did it, what materials they used, or what they were thinking about when they created it. This may start some good conversations. I also try to ask them (time permitting) if they have any words to go with their creations and record them on the back. I apologize in advance for my messy handwriting – hope it's legible.

Thanks for the donations of fabric and yarn. We love getting interesting new materials.

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